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Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute. What the heck?

The first time I encountered Briefly unavailable for scheduled maintenance. Check back in a minute. I was a little scared. It’s never enjoyable to see your WordPress website suddenly go completely white on you while you’re trying to make an update. You wonder if your WP site is lost forever? Is it broken? Will it ever come out of this maintenance mode? The good news is, this message is not nearly as ominous as it looks and it can be… Read More

Error establishing a database connection WordPress solution

Error establishing a database in WordPress is a common problem. I’ve been using WordPress for more than 13 years now and I still love what it can do. Using this hugely popular CMS, it is relatively easy to throw up a good looking website in a matter of hours. But even though I consider myself a WordPress guru, it also sometimes drives me absolutely crazy. The error establishing a database connection WordPress problem is a good example of an issue… Read More

How to Fix Stuck WordPress Visual Editor and Text Editor

WordPress editor is stuck  – September, 2020 update. Since I first published this a few years ago, thousands of people looking for help with a stuck text and visual editor on WordPress have visited this page. I have also assisted many people with this issue on their websites. While all my instructions below for solving this WordPress visual editor issue remained the same, I have added a step to make sure you have properly updated your WordPress theme. I also… Read More

Why is my WordPress website slow? It might be your host.

One of the most common requests that I receive here at Maneo is troubleshooting a slow WordPress website. Addressing this issue is often troublesome because there can be many reasons for poor WordPress performance. Too many plugins, too many large images, and poorly designed WordPress themes are just a few of the potential causes. Usually, I will recommend: Reducing the size of header, background, and gallery images in your WordPress installation. Compressing CSS, JS, and text using GZIP (I have… Read More

The Importance of WordPress Backups

It always surprises me how few of my clients are backing up their websites. WordPress backups are so important, not only because websites are hacked all the time, but also because websites can break during routine updates or theme modifications. It is always good to have a one-touch restore option that will bring your website back from the dead. Before I start working on a client’s website, I almost always install a free plugin called Updraft Plus which allows me to… Read More