Error establishing a database connection WordPress solution

Error establishing a database in WordPress is a common problem. I’ve been using WordPress for more than 13 years now and I still love what it can do. Using this hugely popular CMS, it is relatively easy to throw up a good looking website in a matter of hours. But even though I consider myself a WordPress guru, it also sometimes drives me absolutely crazy. The error establishing a database connection WordPress problem is a good example of an issue… Read More

WordPress WP Ecommerce vs. WooCommerce

I have been working on a website this week that makes use of the WP Ecommerce plugin. When I first started on this website, it was extremely slow which was why I was asked to investigate. After deactivating the plugins one-by-one, I discovered that the WP Ecommerce plugin was the culprit. The website contains more than 1400 products,hundreds of variations, and almost 100 categories. I ran some diagnostics  and discovered that the site is producing some very slow MySQL queries, some of… Read More