Why you need to control your website domain and hosting accounts

So you’re building a brand new website for your business and you’ve purchased an all-inclusive package to get it done. Your eager web developer has promised to take care of EVERYTHING for you, from registering the domain and purchasing the hosting to installing the SSL certificate.

Maintain control of your own website and hosting

While it’s great to let the web developer take care of most of the grunt work, you need to be involved in a few aspects yourself in order to ensure you retain control of your domain and files.

First, you need to purchase the domain name using an account you control. Purchasing a domain name is very easy. NameCheap, GoDaddy, and Siteground are just a few of the websites offering domain registration services. Sign up for an account and purchase the domain name yourself. This should not cost any more than $16.00.

Second, you should purchase your own web hosting. Again, there are many companies out there (like BlueHost, Siteground, and GoDaddy) which make this process easy, even for the most technically challenged people.

Why should you make these purchases on your own?

It’s simple! Control of these accounts can mean the difference between your site appearing on the web or vanishing into the ether! If you have a falling out with your web developer (which happens far more often than you might think) and he or she has control of these accounts, this person wields a lot of power.

You need to be able to maintain control of your website domain and hosting should something turn sour in your relationship with the web developer.

At Maneo Web, I am committed to being a trusted partner, but NEVER a co-owner or manager of your site. Your website belongs to you and you should have the right to do with it as you please.

Need help building a new website or getting back control of an existing one? Contact me here. I am standing by to help!