Why you shouldn’t believe everything your website host says

I wish I could name names but companies are too “sue happy” these days so this will just be a general warning about website hosts.

Last week, two clients sent me emails they received from website hosts warning them to take action.

The first one looked like this:

Hosting account exceeds resources email

I immediately logged into his website host and found no evidence of his website reaching the resource limits recently or ever. Not even close in any category! I told him to ignore the warning but to let me know if he received another one.

The second email I received from a client is downright deceptive in my opinion. Here is what it looked like:

Website host deceptive tactics email

I had rebuilt the client’s website (from scratch) on another host, and this was the old website host trying to scare him into thinking his site was going to get taken down for copyright infringement. Notice how they offered him a “special reactivation offer”.

I called this website host up and gave an unfortunate sales representative a piece of my mind about the scare tactics used in this email. The representative claimed my client was never supposed to get this email, that it was all a big misunderstanding.

I wasn’t buying it for one moment.

You do need to pay attention to these types of emails but don’t take action (especially when you are being asked for more money) until you have verified whether the basis of the warning is true. Sometimes you are just being squeezed for more money.

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