What you need to know about SEO

At least once in a week, I get a request to help someone with Search Engine Optimization (SEO). Rob, can you send more people to my website? Rob, I need more traffic. Rob, why is no one visiting my website? They want me to be a magician. I am not a magician. No web developer is. There are some basic measures you need to take for SEO. They are as follows: You need good, fresh content. In other words, update… Read More

Why I don’t work with private label rights content

A few weeks ago, a very nice lady contacted me to ask if I could build a ‘content rich’ website for her legions of followers on Facebook. She told me that she wanted to impart some financial knowledge to her fans through a membership platform. She explained that the content was not her own but had been purchased through a Private Label Rights (PLR) website. The next day, she sent me her PLR credentials so that I could have a look at the… Read More