November 7, 2020

Need Help with a WordPress Update?

Hi! My name is Rob! I’ve been using WordPress for more than a decade and I know how frustrating a WordPress update can be!

I do many dozens of WordPress updates each year and sometimes it seems like every update is different! One update will be relatively smooth while another will require some troubleshooting. Sometimes I can do an update from within your website while other times I have to perform a manual WordPress update.

No matter what, I will get the job done. I am also happy to show you how you can apply the updates yourself!

I look at your WordPress site for free and send you a quote. If you give me the green light, I do the work FIRST, and you pay when you’re satisfied.

Most WordPress updates are just $60! This includes software, plugins, and themes. And of course the first thing I do is make a backup of your website! I’ve done so many of these updates, I can practically do them in my sleep! But don’t worry, I’ll be wide awake for your update and make sure everything runs smoothly!

So what are you waiting for? I’m standing by to help. Look at my customer reviews below!

EMAIL ME: [email protected]

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Here’s what people say about me:

Can't recommend enough!

Rob at Maneo is honest, fair, fast and keeps his client informed. I am incredibly grateful to have found him. I was having some technical difficulties with my WordPress site that, as a beginner, I was unable to resolve on my own. My webhost couldn’t help me. One other WordPress help company never responded to my inquiry. Another, larger company tried to take advantage of my inexperience and grossly inflated the number of hours they would need to fix the problem without even checking into what might be causing the problem. Enter Rob at Maneo. Rob responded almost instantly to my inquiry and then immediately began investigating the problem before providing an estimate for the repair. His estimate was reasonable and once I agreed to it, Rob got to work right away fixing my site. He was professional and communicative throughout the process, fixed my site quickly, answered all my questions, improved the security of my site, provided details of the work he did, plus a little extra advice about further improvements to security I could make on my own. I cannot recommend Rob and Maneo highly enough!

 by Kev on Maneo Web
Wonderfully Fast

Rob of Maneo Web was great ! Very fast and efficient. Will be doing more work with his company. As an agency owner it's hard finding other people you can trust when your team is tied up. Glad to have found Maneo.

Wonderful experience

Now a days, it's quite hard to find a person like Rob. Very talented, patient and innovative. I started my site and it wasn't looking good. Rob edited the whole thing from scratch. He has been very patient with my ongoing suggestions and emails. I haven't seen him in person but I guess he's that kind of hard workers who are always smiling during hard tasks and challenges. I strongly recommend that you give him the "steering" and see how your site will look like, even if you're convinced that it is good now, try him and see the magic works. Will definitely hire him again and again👍

 by Jim on Maneo Web
Great Job

Contacted them on a Sunday. Rob discussed with me what I needed. My site was not working the way I wanted it to. He spent some time reviewing my Wix website to see what it would take. No charge. He contacted me with the quote. I said yes. He had it done the next morning!! And it was not a lot of money!!

 by Pat on Maneo Web

I was searching for some SEO help and came upon Maneo Web. Rob, from Maneo Web promptly came up on the chat box and inquired about what I was needing assistance with. After a brief chat, he offered to look at my web site and assess possible solutions. In the end, he provided some comments for me to consider which I plan to do. I found the responsiveness and openness to my issue to be outstanding and would recommend Maneo Web for web site assistance.

P. Louden, Louden Coaching and Consulting